Deemed one of the highest valued industry courses, TRX Education uses a movement-based framework that's applicable to any level, goal, and piece of equipment.

Qualification Course

Get TRX Qualified today- learn from Industry Leading Educators from wherever you are with our live virtual option OR learn from anywhere, anytime with our self-paced digital courses - and start your journey.

Online Courses

Self-paced digital courses empowering you to earn your Qualification or take a deep dive with our TRX Essentials Series, or TRX for Series, where we take a dive into specific populations, sports, and modalities.

Training Summits

Uniting thought leaders, industry pioneers, and hundreds of your peers for inspiration, innovation, and fun. Personal trainers, coaches, group instructor, or TRX enthusiasts, all welcome.

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Your TRX Trainer Journey

Whether you are looking to be certified, or gain specialty knowledge, TRX will guide you every step of the way with the knowledge and tools you need to stand out and succeed.

Complete the TRX Qualification Course
Qualifications can be earned live in person, virtually, and/or self-paced online. Whether you are interested in TRX Suspension Training, Functional Training or TRX Yoga, we have a journey for you.
Get Certified- Join TRX CORE
Elevate your qualification to a certification, and continue learning with TRX. The TRX CORE® content hub has quarterly FREE CEC opportunities, weekly releases of exclusive content, workouts, tips, and invites to exclusive events.
Get Involved
We hope to connect at our TRX Summits, Partner hosted Events, and online on our social communities, as well as earning supplemental income via our TRX Ambassador Program.

What our grads are saying...

"One of the best courses I've ever taken. Fun, informative, and engaging. The instructors managed to make the virtual experience stand up to an in-person course. Also, the TRX cueing system is absolutely game-changing — something I can apply to any piece of equipment and client. Highly recommend!!"

-Nicole M

"I thought I knew a lot about Suspension Training but turns out I had barely scratched the surface. I learned so much. If you are serious about becoming a better trainer, this course is a must. Bonus points for the amazingly energetic and knowledgeable instructors."

-Ben M.

"I can't say enough good things about this training. It was concise, to the point, highly educational, and fun... I almost didn't want it to end! Above all, it gave me the confidence I needed to start implementing TRX into my sessions and classes immediately. Well done!"

-Chantelle T.

"I never used to be into yoga, but this course gave me a whole different perspective. The approach and the integration of the TRX Suspension Trainer makes it so intuitive and flawless. It allows me to push my limits with a greater sense of confidence and ease — plus, it adds an edge of strength and cardio that I've never been able to get out of traditional yoga. It just feels right."

-Valerie S.

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